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Austin Home Birth Baby Erica Hope, midwife

Erica took me half way through my 4th pregnancy. We had just moved to town and were still finding our footing. I was hesitant to change midwives in the middle of my pregnancy but Erica truly made it a smooth transition. She was so sweet, calm and genuine. She went above and beyond to help us find things in our area that we knew very little about. Erica was available not only to check on me and baby physically but emotionally as well. Our current season wasn't an easy one and she not only recognized it but had compassion

The amount of well rounded knowledge Erica has is amazing and her confidence shines through that. You can see her passion for midwifery and that makes her a fantastic midwife. 

During labor, Erica's peaceful demeanor was a blessing. She helped me know what I needed when I didn't. Erica and her assistant work amazingly well together. 

Postpartum has been filled with continual understanding and care. 

I've had 3 home births now and I can honestly say this was my hardest birth but I've never felt more supported and cared for. Erica was the perfect fit for me and my family. -Asher's mom

Water birth at home - Austin

We searched high and low for the right midwife to help us welcome baby # 3. So much so that we began care with Erica later than we would've liked. That said, the only thing I would do different if I could is find her sooner! We welcomed our latest little in a successful home water birth. Something I loved about having Erica share this season with us was that she so strongly trusts in what our bodies can do. There is no interference and she is as hands on or off as you'd like her to be! She is soft spoken and comforting and provides encouragement and peace with each visit. Her visits are not invasive, nor are they filled with tests or things that make you worry about something other than creating a human! 

My labor was fairly short, but it was hard. In fact, the hardest of my 3. (baby made his debut sunny side up!) I had never experienced anything like that. I felt so weak before I even started pushing. As I leaned over my birthing ball in tears. Erica reminded me that my body was designed for this and I could trust in that. I so desperately needed that reminder. There was a moment when I needed to completely surrender and let my body do what it was designed to, and Erica did not let me doubt myself! I was committed to having a successful water birth. I wobbled over to the birth pool with a second wind and strong determination!! With Erica at my side, we did it! We welcomed our little ray of sunshine. 

Something Erica said to me when we first met was that "you'll know if a midwife is right for you". We did. She's wonderful. She reminds that you are a woman designed in such an incredibly exquisite way with the ability to do something remarkable... create, nurture, and welcome your world changer into the world!  I can't tell you that that Erica is the midwife for you, only you can know that. What I will tell you is that she was the midwife for us, and that was the best decision we made to help care for and welcome our baby! I wish we had even more time with her... though I suppose we could just have more babies! -Mavrik's parents

Austin home birth baby Frankie

Erica delivered our baby at home and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience. We interviewed 4-5 Midwives and are so happy we chose her. I love her calm, steady demeanor - she was attentive to my concerns without overreacting. She was present and thoughtful through each prenatal visit and successfully navigated us through several hiccups during the pregnancy. She went above and beyond to help me connect with other moms in the area and to ensure we got in at Dell Children's hospital when we learned our baby has a chronic disease. She is super knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth including a keen understanding of her scope of practice and when to call in extra help. Best of all though, she doesn’t need to be the hero and rescue you - she’s there to help you be the hero of your own story. After our experience with her I can honestly say I want to give birth again...I enjoyed it! Thank you, Erica, for walking this road with us!
— Frankie's parents


Erica's authoritative, calm demeanor was a great help to us. Both in helping us to prioritize  what was truly important during pregnancy, and navigating the unexpected during delivery.
— Marita's parents

Austin home birth baby Marita

Austin home birth baby Ayla

Erica should be cloned, so we could have her as a doctor, pediatrician, dentist and psychologist. I never found anybody who satisfied my needs so perfectly, especially in the medical field. Love her way! 
— Ayla's mom


Erica's calm demeanor, professionalism, and all-around knowledge of midwifery came as a complete comfort to us as first-time parents.
— Asher's Mom & Dad

Austin home birth baby Asher