Attracting Perfect Clients

I am so grateful for this transition time from being an apprentice midwife to having my solo home birth midwifery practice. It has been a time of deep reflection and clear intention.

I picked up a book a couple years ago...Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity by Stacey Hall & Jan Brogniez. What a great book to visit while building my new practice, right? I love the idea of attracting perfect clients! Every client I have had has been perfect for me in their own unique way (even the not-so-perfect ones!). I have learned something from every pregnancy, birth and postpartum time. It is one of the aspects I love most about midwifery...the women, the babies, the relationships. I am honored each time a family hires me to be a participant during one of the most precious times in their lives. I honor my role, whatever that may look like. So, the idea of starting off my new practice by attracting more perfect clients sounds, well...perfect!

One of the exercises this book encourages is listing out all of the traits of a perfect client. The idea is to revisit this list daily to attract these type of clients to you. I found that all of these traits are qualities that I admire in someone, and in order to attract these type of clients to me, I must possess them myself. So, not only has this book helped me have a clear intention on the type of women I would like to work with, it has also helped me reflect on which qualities I need to work on myself. I have written all of these down and posted them where I can see them daily. And now to post them to the world...

healthy     spiritual     calm     open     self-aware     loving     grateful
mothering     conscientious     natural     smart     well-supported     researcher     clean     honest     good communicator     funny
able to manage stress     happy     realistic     nice     giving
community-centered     active     respectful     strong in mind & heart
intuitive     accountable     responsible     decisive     collaborative

Awesome, right? This list grows each day as I interact with different people and notice more positive qualities in each of them.

Another exercise from this book is to list what I choose for my perfect clients to expect from me...

  • provide clear choices and information

  • monitor health & well-being of mother and baby from pregnancy through 6 weeks postpartum

  • be honest

  • be organized

  • be prepared

  • answer emails & calls in a timely manner during office hours

  • be on call 24/7 two weeks before due date

  • provide most up-to-date safe evidences based practices

  • collaborate with other midwives

  • respect the mother's decision for herself & her baby

  • listen, support & validate

  • be nonjudgemental 

  • be loving

  • be emotionally & physically healthy

  • support family members

  • charge a fair fee

  • keep licenses current

  • be stable, trustworthy & decisive

  • provide excellent back up & assistant midwives

  • be reliable

Again, this list continues to grow as I practice and continue to build my client community. The book goes on to give 21 daily tips to build long and satisfying relationships with all of your clients. Being a midwife, the relationships I share with my clients is one of the most important aspects of my work. A long and satisfying relationship is essential in keeping midwifery safe and effective, so hopefully these activities and tips will strengthen my relationships and continue to attract the perfect clients to me!

Photo by  Kayla Gonzales