The Wild Heart Midwifery Project

What are your passions in life?

What gets your heart racing with excitement?

Here are a few things that do it for me:

  • Starting a new knitting project with yummy yarn.

  • Rock climbing at a new place & looking up at a route with wonder and excitement.

  • Traveling anywhere with my husband and we are each other's sole focus.

  • Love snuggles with my kiddos where I can't hold them tight enough to my heart.

  • Sitting around a fire or living room belly laughing with good friends.

  • The moment of birth where the mom holds her baby for the first time with exhilaration and admiration and the rawest form of love.

And another thing has gotten my heart pumping lately...a new project! For years, I have wanted to study traditional birth practices around the world. I studied anthropology in college and fell in love with ethnography - the study of living cultures.  Now I want to record the home birth culture. I am passionate about preserving the WILD HEART of home birth midwifery while showing the world (or whoever ends up on the blog) how home birth midwives practice in various places. And what a better place to start than my own home town!

So, I have started a new blog where I will be posting pictures and stories of home birth midwives. It is called The Wild Heart Midwifery Project. It will start out simple with the goal to highlight and celebrate home birth midwives. I feel like it will take on a life of its own, growing through the years. So, if you are interested, head on over to....