Erica Steele, Luminary Midwifery Care

Being a midwife, caring for a first time parent is extra special. There is more education during prenatal and postpartum care and their birth is the first powerful transformation into parenthood.

I had the honor of documenting Erica Steele with Luminary Midwifery Care during this mother’s first birth. It was amazing to watch this powerful woman move through her birth and become a mother. Erica supported her compassionately the entire time.

Peer Review

Central Texas Midwives holds peer review meetings quarterly. These meetings are for all midwives in the Austin area who want to review transports or other complicated cases. The intention of the peer reviews is supportive and educational not punitive or critical. Student midwives are always encouraged to attend. All information shared is confidential, and the client's name and any identifying information is withheld by the presenter. During each case presentation, everyone in attendance remains quiet while the midwife tells her story. When she is done, midwives are then allowed to ask more questions and give feedback. Each midwife presenting has equal time to present their case and receive feedback. Peer review meetings bring the local midwives together to connect and develop community standards while reviewing state rules and laws. Each peer review is educational and supportive for both the midwife presenting and all in attendance.

Central Texas Midwives Monthly Meeting

Every month, midwives from Austin and the surrounding areas meet at Thai Fresh in Austin. All midwives are welcome. Mostly home birth midwives attend, but their experience levels vary greatly from 30+ years of experience all the way to brand new student midwives. This is an opportunity for comraderie, as well as, a time to talk about different protocols and local birth issues. There is always a ton of laughter and valuable information shared. Sharing wisdom among sister midwives is the heart of midwifery...

Rachel Mattair, Advanced Student Midwife

Apprenticeships are an important aspect to becoming a home birth midwife and receiving the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential. Therefore, many experienced home birth midwives in Austin incorporate students into their practices. I recently documented an advanced student midwife, Rachel Mattair, during a group prenatal appointment. Being in her fourth year of her apprenticeship, Rachel is now able to conduct all aspects of midwifery care under supervision. She is currently apprenticing with Genevieve Schaefer with Sisters Midwifery.

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My first showing is a snippet of immediate postpartum care of the newborn. This is Genevieve Schaefer with Sisters Midwifery in Austin, TX. I have been assisting Genevieve at births since I was licensed in 2016. After a baby is born and everyone is stable, Genevieve has the baby, mom and dad spend some alone time together snuggling and breastfeeding, Then Genevieve will do a thorough newborn exam where she examines the newborn head to toe. This consists of checking the baby's vitals, measurements and reflexes. When her exam is over, Genevieve is sure to get some of her own snuggles in.


Wild Heart Midwifery Project

What is The Wild Heart Midwifery Project? This is a pet project of mine combining my love of anthropology and my love of home birth…particularly, home birth midwives. I have dreamed for a while to study traditional birth practices and this is the first step…starting in my own home town with my midwife sisters. My hope is to highlight and celebrate some amazing midwives while also shining a light on home birth and the wild heart it takes to attend women birthing at home. I am starting out simple…an inspiration and an iPhone camera. I am hoping it will grow and take on its own life guided by my own WILD HEART! Thank you for joining me on this journey!